Ori Devuda Movie Review: The concept of “time-rewind” is very fascinating, and Ashwath Marimuthu was so fascinated by it that he chose to tell the story twice, once in Tamil as “Oh My Kadavule” and once in Telugu as “Ori Devuda”. The film makes some interesting observations about modern-day relationships and examines concepts of love, friendship, and compromise as seen through the eyes of millennials. It raises the question: is there any future for a relationship that isn’t based on love, but on an arrangement of convenience? Although the film is not perfect, it gets a few things perfectly right.

Arjun has been married to Anu for a year and they are thinking of getting a divorce because they think the marriage is not working out. However, they meet an enigmatic personality who is Victory Venkatesh as gifts him a boon and he does not have to choose to marry Anu. Arjun’s life may change for the better or it may get worse.

Overall, Venkatesh’s performance is delightfully humorous and emotional, making him the perfect choice for the role,  Additionally, the music and background score by Leon James provide an exciting and engaging story, with a few standout songs including Gundellona and Avunanava. However, it’s worth noting that the special effects in some parts of the movie are not well done and may be a turnoff for some viewers.

Although the film could have been more endearing and emotionally satisfying, the remake is still worth a watch. Vishwak gives a flawless performance without trying to mimic Ashok Selvan. Mithila and Asha sustain our curiosity without overdoing their roles, the former more than the latter. Venkatesh Kakumanu is fine as the childhood friend of the lead pair. Murali Sharma is good, whereas Rahul Ramakrishna is miscast; he approaches the role as if it is an extension of his comical characters.

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