My Policeman 2022 Movie Review, Story, Cast, Budget, Release date: My Policeman is an upcoming film directed by Michael Grandage, based on Bethan Robert’s My Policeman novel. The film stars Emma Corrin and Harry Styles in the lead roles. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie before its release.
The story of the film is that of a police officer, David (Harry Styles), who is forced to confront his past when he moves in next door to a single mother with a teenage daughter. The mother, Julie (Emma Corrin), is a teacher who works with at-risk teens.

This movie is going to be released soon and you might be thinking what to watch this weekend. If you are looking for a good romantic film then this is the one to watch this weekend. Here is a little more about the movie and why you should watch it.

My Policeman 2022 Movie Review

The trailer for “The Affair” sets up a seemingly normal relationship between Tom (Styles) and the woman of his dreams Marion (Emma Corrin). Flashing through the various dates and happy little moments they experience together, including their eventual wedding, all seems well in the life of the couple until museum curator Patrick Hazlewood (David Dawson) enters the picture. Despite his marriage, Tom truly loves Patrick, and given the time they live in, it’s imperative to keep that a secret for both of them. It’s a complicated affair that, at any point, could see all three lives ruined in an instant.

“Tom is a confused character, which is made more difficult by the fact that he’s a policeman. He’s in a career that is supposed to be about upholding the law, but the law at the time is something he doesn’t agree with. Whoever was going to play younger Tom and older Tom needed to understand and absorb this complexity.” says Grandage.

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When can I watch My Policeman 2022 movie?

“My Policeman” is a film directed and executive produced by Michael Grandage , based on Bethan Roberts’ 2012 romance novel of the same name.

The film will premiere in theaters on October 21st, before being available to stream on: Amazon Prime Video from November 4th,2022.

My Policeman 2022 Movie

My Policeman 2022 Movie Story/Plot

Tom, a policeman in 1950s Britain, falls in love with a schoolteacher on the Brighton coast. However, he soon begins a passionate same affair with a museum curator, in spite of homosexuality being illegal.

The trailer for “My Policeman” gives a glimpse of the complicated relationship between Tom and Marion, as well as Tom and Patrick. There are secrets, unspoken love and lots of baggage for the characters to unload. It’s Harry Styles’ first major film release, and everyone is excited to see it. The singer is taking up interesting acting roles, and “My Policeman” looks like it will be a riveting watch.

My Policeman 2022 Movie Star Cast

My Policeman 2022 Movie Star Cast:

  1. Harry Styles
  2. Linus Roache
  3. Rupert Everett
  4. Gina McKee
  5. Emma Corrin
  6. David Dawson
  7. Andrew Tiernan
  8. Jack Bandeira
  9. Tristan Sturrock
  10. Kadiff Kirwan
  11. Richard Dempsey
  12. Maddie Rice
  13. Dora Davis
  14. Roisin Monaghan
  15. Michael Ayala-Cole
  16. Joseph Potter
  17. Sarah Lockett
  18. Nicolas Tennant
  19. Pierre Bergman
  20. Harry Attwell
  21. David Torozoff
  22. James Hare
  23. Paul Willcocks
  24. Joseph Blake
  25. Paul Candelent
  26. Robert William Carlisle
  27. Stuart Cooke
  28. Ian Drysdale

My Policeman 2022 Movie Budget

My Policeman 2022 Movie Budget: The production budget for My Policeman is approximately $150 USD.

This budget allows for the film to be produced at a high quality, without skimping on any key aspects of the production process.

My Policeman 2022 Movie Release date

My Policeman 2022 Movie Release date: My Policeman will open in theaters on October 21 and then be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from November 4,2022

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