Monster Malayalam Movie Review: Monster, Mohanlal’s first film in after 12th man, is out in theaters and has received a largely positive response from fans. Netizens have praised the performances and the effective second half, while also lauding the filmmakers for not being over-the-top. Some, however, felt that it was a bit on the slower side. The consensus is that director Vysakh has lived up to the standards he set for himself with films such as Pulimurugan and Pokkiri Raja.The most impressive sequences are Surya losing a costly possession to the rat and the climax which is so touching.

The movie ‘Monster’ stars Mohanlal and Telugu actor Lakshmi Manchu in the lead roles. It’s a crime thriller filled with unexpected twists and suspense elements. Mohanlal plays the role of a mysterious man named Lucky Singh in the film. The script is structured in a way that holds off the middling suspense, making it feel like the cops’ thoughts are reflecting what the audience is feeling.

The role is a cakewalk for Mohanlal. As Lucky Singh, he is jovial and loud, and sometimes irritable too. But that’s what the writer seems to have gone for. He also gets his share of moments that play to the gallery. The rest of the cast, however, fails to raise the energy. You could feel this by how the movie’s pace slackens when the actor is not there. Honey Rose is probably the only other actor to stand out here, partly getting the audience to empathise with her situation in the first half.

The makers of Mohanlal’s Monster seem to be more focused on the crime thriller aspect of the film, rather than the other genres it is a mishmash of. There are only a few scenes in the movie that could be considered as new territory for a mainstream superstar-driven movie. The rest of the film falls short in comparison, and leaves much to be desired.


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